need a major help in preparation


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      Sai on #3452

      sir i have my inter 1st year exams in 20 days..the only request i have for u is in helping me in finding the important topics i need to learn.. i need the major areas from which we will be recivievng ques for saq n laq in both physics n chemistry

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      Sakshi on #3459


      Plz check previous questions. Those may help you. However, we have provided study material. Plz check –

      Inter Study Material

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      Kodali on #3474

      sir,Iam studying 1st year Bipc. I want to get full marks in VSAQ’s in chemistry in IPE

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        Kodali on #3475

        how I should prepare for it

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      Sakshi on #3477

      Hope the below link helps you.

      Way to score more marks!

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      Faiz on #3495

      sir,Iam studying 1st year Bipc. I want to get full marks in LAQS, VSAQS & SAQS in
      BOTANY, chemistry , PHYSICS & ZOOLOGY in all examinations .. please help me sir…

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      AllenRobinson on #3506

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